Privacy Policy

Any personal data collected to do with payment is retained for the purpose of confirming that you have purchased a pitch at Penmaenau and who is staying in that pitch as part of your booking should there be any query regarding the payment or persons we can check.

Should we be asked by the police ambulance or any authority, who is staying on our site we can then confirm if they are at Penmaenau or not.

This data is solely held in conjunction with the event RWAS week and all data held in our computers/servers etc will be deleted/erased on completion of the show.

All personal information is held in computers which all have passwords to access, the computers are in a locked office with access granted only to Directors or staff.

Terms and Conditions


1. All conditions of the ticket are to be read together with all other statements and/or directives shown either on the ticket; on the website (; or displayed on the premises. A hard copy of the full conditions are available on request from Penmaenau Farm Camping.

2. Penmaenau Farm Camping reserves the right to refuse bookings and admission to the event.

3. All tickets contain a unique identifying barcode and should only be purchased direct from Penmaenau Farm Camping. Any attempt to present any other ticket will lead to refusal of admission and any ticket obtained in breach of these Terms and Conditions shall be void and all rights conferred by such ticket shall be void. Any person seeking to use such a void ticket in order to gain or provide entry to the event may be considered to be a trespasser and may be liable to be ejected and liable to legal action.

4. Any ticket purchased is purchased solely for the event advertised. The date of such event may be subject to change in which circumstances Penmaenau Farm Camping shall be under no obligation to refund monies or exchange the ticket. Ticket holders agree that should the date of the event alter, their ticket(s) will be issued and will be valid for the rearranged date(s) of the said event in which case no refunds or exchanges will be available.

5. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the full, advertised billing, this ticket is for an event and not a specific artist/band. Penmaenau Farm Camping reserves the right to change the bill or running time without prior notice.

6. In the event of cancellation of the Penmaenau Farm Camping site by Penmaenau Farm Camping, any refund will be at the discretion of Penmaenau Farm Camping.

7. Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged after purchase. We strongly reccommend taking out holiday insurance.

8. Tickets are not transferable to other events and are strictly not to be offered for resale. Tickets must only be used for personal or private use. If any ticket is resold or transferred for profit or commercial gain, it will become void and the holder may be refused entry to or ejected from the event and/or site. Tickets holders agree to fully indemnify Penmaenau Farm Camping for all costs and expenses incurred as a direct or indirect result of all and any claims howsoever arising from any third parties as a result of contravention of this term.

9. Penmaenau Farm Camping reserves the right to recover costs from the booking holder for disposal of any personal possessions including accommodation that is not removed from site at conclusion of your stay.

10. Tickets must be exchanged for a wristband on first entry. No re-admission without a valid wristband.

11. When collecting your wristband you may be required to show photographic and age ID. Accepted forms of ID are photographic driving licence, passport or government approved proof of age cards such as the ’Validate card’.

12. Forged tickets or wristbands will not be accepted for entry to the venue and the law prohibits and penalises the production and distribution of such items and unofficial merchandise.

13. Ticket holders consent to the photography, filming/sound recording of the event as members of the audience, which may be used for promotional purposes.

14. You release Penmaenau Farm Camping and it’s contractors from all liability from loss or damage to person or property and you agree to comply with all rules and regulations relating to the venue and the event notified by Penmaenau Farm Camping to you.

15. Penmaenau Farm Camping shall not be liable for any items stolen or lost whilst on site. Please do not leave any valuable items in your tent, caravan or car. Ensure your vehicle and accommodation is locked at all times.

16. On arrival you must collect vehicle passes and wristbands from the office, they must be worn at all times there will be no re-admittance to site without a wristband. There are different coloured wristbands for over 18 and for those under 18 years old.

17. To book a pitch within the young adults area at Penmaenau each individual in the party must be over 18years of age. In the young adults area all vehicles must be parked in a designated car park.

18. The family area is reserved for bookings for families with young children and groups with individuals over the age of 30. We do not allow teenagers under the age of 18 years to stay in the family area unless they are accompanied by their parents or legal guardians who must remain on site for the duration of the under 18 years stay. No bookings will be permitted in the family area unless the booking meets this criteria.

19. You will not be allowed access to site outside of office hours via a vehicle if you do not have a valid vehicle passes and relevant wristbands. Pedestrians must also have their correct wristbands. Lost/Damaged wristbands will be re-issued at the discretion of the management and there will be a fee.

20. In the event of an emergency, please contact staff at the office, security personnel or dial 999.

21. No vehicle access or egress except in an emergency between 11.30pm and 8am, cars must be parked in designated car parks. Cars must not be parked in unallocated spaces as they could become a fire hazard and may obstruct an emergency vehicle, management reserve the right to remove obstructing vehicles by whatever means!

22. Fire points must not be obstructed, in the event of a fire please alert fellow campers via whistles at the fire points and also ring the fire brigade. Management reserve the right to remove vehicles obstructing fire points by whatever means! 

23. A single accommodation is permitted per pitch. I.e. one tent, one caravan or one motorhome

24. It is the responsibility of the party booking/staying within a pitch to bring an approved working fire extinguisher with you and that it is situated within your caravan or tent at all times.

25. Please ensure that your caravan has a working handbrake the overall condition of your caravan is your responsibility it must be safe and fit for purpose

26. The correct vehicle pass that includes your departure date must be displayed at all times within the windscreen of your vehicle.

27. In the family area a Maximum of 1 car/van per pitch per night is allowed to be parked within your pitch, providing you do not have an awning or gazebo, Please see self explanatory diagram on home page. Cars will be directed to a designated car park area.

28. The management reserves the right to ask anyone to leave at any time refunds can only be granted at the discretion of the management. Any caravan that is vandalised whilst on site will be removed by whatever means. Any cost incurred due to disposal of this caravan is the responsibility of the occupiers. All occupiers booked as part of the party will be expelled from site. Management reserve the right to search a person  and their possessions if there is probable cause for concern.

29. Any noise nuisance that is disruptive to fellow campers will not be tolerated.

30. You are only allowed to bring alcohol onto this site if you are over 18 years of age and it is for your own consumption excessive amounts noted in vehicles or in your possession may be confiscated and returned to you on departure. No glass bottles or glasses to be brought on site.

31. Alcohol brought to site is to remain purely in the confines of your pitch.

32. Any under 18s seen consuming alcohol on this site will have the alcohol confiscated and they may be removed from site.

33. It is a SERIOUS OFFENCE to provide under 18s with alcohol and may result in prosecution.

34. The additional Car form can be downloaded from HERE

35. There maybe be an administration charge to amend/update bookings after they have been made.

36. No camping is allowed in the car parks and no sleeping in the car parks is permitted. Camping is allowed on the site only in designated camping areas.

37. No alcohol is allowed to be taken into the venue, or the Bar marquees.  Glass is not allowed to be taken onto any part of the site. Penmaenau Farm Camping reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone caught in possession of any glass items, the glass items maybe confiscated and you maybe removed from the site, You are also prohibited from bringing any fireworks, weapons and other dangerous objects. Persons suspected of carrying glass into the venue or any other part of the site may be searched to include their possessions.

38. Please do not bring drugs including legal highs or any illegal substances to the event. Persons suspected of carrying drugs including legal highs or any illegal substances within the arena or any other part of the site may be searched to include all their possessions. You may be rejected/ejected from the event at the entrance and handed over to the Police if found in possession of such substances.

39. Persons entering the site may be  searched, to include their possessions as in car tent etc Any item(s) which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon, or which may cause danger or disruption to any other persons at the event, will be confiscated.

40. Persons suspected of carrying items that may be used in an offensive or dangerous manner, or carrying out illegal activities within the arena or any other part of the site may be searched.

41. In the event of inclement weather wear warm waterproof clothing.

42. No private sound systems will be permitted anywhere on site – the Police and security contractor have the power to confiscate any sound systems which are found on site.

43. Please use the litter and recycling bins provided. Please refrain from dropping litter on the way to, from, and at, the venue.

44. Fires are not permitted anywhere on site and will be extinguished. The burning of plastics is not permitted anywhere on site. Throwing gas, aerosol or similar canisters or containers on to fires is extremely dangerous and will lead to eviction from the site.

45. There are disabled facilities on site.

46. Persons lost on site should meet at the Office.

47. No animals will be allowed on the site.

48. Smoking is not permitted in enclosed public spaces or buildings.

49. Strictly no trading of any description is allowed on site.

50. Awnings – only one awning per caravan is permitted. All caravans to have smoke detectors.

51. Barbeques are not permitted.

52. Permission is given to use generators subject to the following conditions:

53. To protect your own safety and those of other guests, please act responsibly. Penmaenau Farm Camping will not tolerate unreasonable or anti-social behaviour. Persons causing problems will be removed from the site immediately and will be banned from re-entering the facilities again.

54. Any noise nuisance that is disruptive to fellow campers will not be tolerated.

55. Please ensure you have a working torch

56. After listening to feed back the Penmaenau Family have decided not to accommodate/allow 7-8 man tents in the Family Area.  However we will accommodate 7-8 man tents in the Young Adult Area, please refer to the criteria to enable you to stay in this area.

57. Should on arrival, any part of your booking details be found to include falsified information such as the ages of your party the management categorically reserves the right to nullify this agreement you will be denied entry and escorted off premises

58. We do not allow towing vehicles over 3.5 tonne, horse boxes, horse trailers, box trailers. Horse driven carts or carriages! We do not allow animals specifically horses cattle sheep cows chickens or dogs. Any infringement of this nature management categorically reserves the right to nullify this agreement you will be denied entry and escorted off premises

Please note: Penmaenau Farm Camping have the right to charge a deposit of £150.00 for caravans upon arrival, if in their reasonable opinion, they are unlikely to be removed at the end of the event. This deposit will be refunded if the caravans are removed. This covers Penmaenau Farm Camping’s disposal costs.




No Dogs.png Dogs are not permitted.
No Swimming.png Do NOT Swim in the River