Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Penmaenau Campsite have electric hookups?

A: No, there are no electric hookups on our site

Q: Are pitches allocated prior to arrival?

A: No, Pitches are allocated on a first come first serve basis

Q: Does Penmaenau Farm except cheques?

A: No, Cheques are no longer accepted as a form of payment

Q: What methods of booking do Pemaenau Farm accept?

A: At present, online bookings are the only accepted method but we may add extra means of payment closer to the date.

Q: How will I know when the site is fully booked?

A: The website will be updated as soon as either site is fully booked. once full, the website will no longer take bookings for that site

Q: Where can I obtain the additional car form?

A: The additional car form can be found within our terms and conditions. However you can also download it from HERE

Q: How do I amend people details in my party?

A: The amend party form can be found within our terms and conditions. However you can also download it from HERE

Q: I have forgotten to add extra individuals to my booking

A: If you have missed out any individuals on your booking you must email us as soon as possible with all the information about your extra individuals (Name, Address, DOB, Contact Number) without this information your extra individuals will not receive an E-Ticket. Any individual without an E-Ticket will not be granted access to our site. (please note that adding extra individuals at a later date may incur an administration charge)

Q: What is the five night’s wrist band?

A: You can purchase a five night’s wrist band at the entrance gate of Penmaenau, which allows you access to the entertainment and campsite.  You must be 18 or over to do so and proof of ID is required.

No Dogs.png Dogs are not permitted.
No Swimming.png Do NOT Swim in the River


below is a map of the Penmaenau camp site! if you are staying at Penmaenau please take note of Zone you are staying in, so that in an emergency you can provide direction! The entrances to Penmaenau are via numbered gates, Gate 1 is the vehicular entrance Gate 2 is the main pedestrian entrance into the RWAS if you use this entrance you do not need to cross a road!

We reccomend that all pedestrians use Gate 2 to access the Penamenau Campsite.

Penmaenau Map.JPG